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About Tony Cesarano
Tony Cesarano

Tony Cesarano, a native New Yorker started studying guitar at age twelve, playing rock and roll guitar in neighborhood bands. Soon after his initial exposure to jazz, he began serious study with a wonderful jazz guitar teacher, Stanley Solow, who had a profound influence on his life. Later, he studied with the well-known Hungarian born New York jazz guitarist Attila Zoller. At just age sixteen, Tony not only stepped in for Attila in gigs around New York City but won the Benny Goodman Stage Band Award for outstanding jazz instrumentalist. At the same time, Tony learned about George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept and has studied its application to guitar ever since.

After high school graduation, Tony enlisted in the Air Force where he played with the Notables, a military jazz big band stationed in Omaha, Nebraska. Once Tony returned to New York, he pursued his musical career, playing commercial music for celebrities who came to the area to perform, such as Shirley McLaine. In 1979, Tony joined the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra. Since then, Tony has played shows at Radio City and on Broadway, backed up many celebrities, has done related recording work, and traveled with Broadway musical touring shows.

Since moving to Albuquerque, N M., in 1989, Tony has commuted to New York every year to play the world famous Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. While in Albuquerque, Tony attended the University of New Mexico, earning a bachelor's degree in University Studies concentrating in Physics, Math and Economics and later an MBA in finance.

Tony has never lost his passion for jazz, and is an avid jazz player, devout student and teacher of the jazz guitar. Tony has played with Billy Mitchell, Greg Abate, Richie Cole, Bobby Shew and Rufus Harley among others.


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