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Tony's CD

Tony Cesarano's Enchantment CD

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"adventurous… obviously well seasoned….his lines tip the hat to Martino and the quartal harmony of McCoy Tyner…his name would not be out of place alongside such illustrious players (such as Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Joe Pass and Howard Roberts)"
-Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

"I was so pleasantly surprised when I first heard thisCD by Tony Cesarano. It's a real jazz CD, not some "wussy" substitute…His playing along with the other guys in the group, represents the real essence of what jazz music is all about…Folks, this is a great CD. I'll listen to it over and over. Tony has been touched by the magic of New Mexico which when added to his music has an incredible balanceof the energy and integrity of the typical East Coast players yet still has the peace and serenity of our "Land of Enchantment". Saludos!"
-Bobby Shew, Jazz Trumpet Artist, LA
(whose heart is still in NM)

"Tony Cesarano as a player and composer has connected beautifully on his new CD. His playing is so relaxed and fluent. He understands tradition and threads it wonderfully through all his compositions. The world needs more guitarists/composers like this. Tony has the ability to be a true creative force."
-Dick Oatts, NY-Village Vanguard and Carnegie Hall Jazz Orchestras

"Tony Cesarano is a fresh new voice on guitar."
-Eddie Daniels, Santa Fe NM

"I like Tony's playing a lot. It's swinging, melodic, and intelligent. His tunes are sing-able yet challenging. On "Enchantment" the arrangements are tight, and well executed."
-Gerry Niewood, NY-The Chuck Mangione Quintet

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